In front of your friends and her friends, don't always put on the appearance of a big man calling and calling. A woman is willing to take care of you. Your man's preference for "three obedience and four virtues" is because she loves you and she dotes on you, but it doesn't mean that she is willing to be treated as a servant or a vassal. You promised her to do it no matter how small. Women want to have a strong shoulder, want to tell you everything about her, but if you can't even do small things well, how can she rely on you? When she says something you don't agree with, don't blame or be indifferent. How can she tell you what you have in mind? Don't always play games or go to the computer when you get along. When you are happy, she may feel left out, but you only pay attention to your computer. A woman will have a few days of menstruation, when it can not be controlled by reason. No matter how hysterical, unreasonable and moody she is, you should coax her. Never show displeasure or impatience. Don't always yearn to say that you want three wives and four concubines. Say that ancient men are true. Say that you want three people. She treats you as her only one, and she hopes you will treat her as her only one. Often said that you, she can rest assured that you go out to meet, friends? Don't always praise your beauty in front of her. Don't care more about other women than her. A woman is a sensitive animal. She doesn't distrust you. She just cares too much about you. I hope you can do the same.